Web Analytics – It’s purpose and Effectiveness

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September 18, 2015
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September 21, 2015

What is web analytics?

W eb analytics is a tool with which you analyze the effectiveness of your website amongst its users. A typical analytics tool will record data, analyze it and report it to you in an easy to understand format. Some of the parameters tracked by a typical analytics tool will include the following;

Visit – Records a visit, otherwise known as hit

Repeat visit – When a consumer returns to the website for the second time

Page views – How many pages are requested and what pages are requested

Bounce rate – The % of people who visit and exit from the same page

Page view duration – How much time did the visitors spend on each page

Exit pages – Gives you a record of which pages your visitors exited the site from

Clicks – Where did visitors click on your website

How is web analytics effective in optimizing your website?

The purpose of the analytics tool is to allow you, the website owner to make the most out of the visits that you get from people on the World Wide Web. This is also called website optimization. The parameters mentioned above will allow you analyze a website and make changes accordingly.

For example, you might see that a particular page is being requested a lot and you might benefit from making the link to this page more prominent. You might also be able to see that a very high % of people who enter your site leave immediately. This should give you an indication to change the content on your page to reduce the bounce rate.

Thus, website analytics is a must have tool for owners of websites who want to improve the efficiency of their website or their conversion rate. Conversion rate is nothing but the % of people who are actually making a purchase or signing up for services through your website

A new trend in website analytics

Recently, a new form of website analytics has emerged that has taken analysis of a website to a more detailed level. It is called real time analytics. It provides all the benefits of the traditional website analytics as mentioned above but it offers one significant new advantage that you would not have found previously in any other analytics tool.

Real time analytics will allow you to monitor your site on a live basis. Traditional website analytics will only provide accrued data after the visitor has left whereas real time analytics will provide the data as it is happening. So, you will be able to see how many visitors are on your site currently, what they are doing, whether they are reading through your site or writing a comment or just sitting idle.

This in depth real time analysis will allow you to make changes to your website in such a way that you are able to increase conversion rates proactively and not re actively.