Using the indoor mall approach to build an Online Income Empire.

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April 6, 2015
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May 4, 2015


I t is no secret that I am a huge proponent of larger sites that target hundreds or thousands of keywords but I do not believe that is the only way to generate a passive income online with a website whether it is using Adsense, Amazon, CPA or any other method of monetization.

There is also a place in the internet marketing industry for smaller sites that are in the 40 – 100 page range as a passive income product, micro niche sites as a passive income product, eCommerce sites and even a landing page as a passive income product for the internet marketer. In fact I have all five in my stable as revenue generating machines..

At one time all I had was one decent sized site and a bunch of little MFA (made for adsense) sites and it was a good way to make a small six figure income but that ship has sailed as to that being the way I approach my online revenue streams for personal sites. It worked just fine and dandy but was limited in terms of revenue and safety and is not the best way to approach building a broad based sustainable income online.

At the time I looked at my online income methods as a strip center shopping


center sort of business model, one anchor tenant (the larger site) and a bunch of smaller tenants (the MFA sites) and operated as such. The larger site was powered mainly by CPA offers and still is to this day, and the MFA sites were all adsense earners ranking for a couple of simple keywords making me anywhere from $2.00 per day to $30.00 or so a day with a couple pushing $50.00 a day.

I was fine with that set up back in the day and it still may be a way that many others operate and that is just fine should they choose to make a living like that. It is just not what I see as best for an online income that is sustainable over the long haul.

To me though it makes more sense, and generates a much more significant revenue stream for me, to build out a handful of larger sites monetized in a variety of ways, some mini-authority sites, some eCommerce sites that take advantage of the authority of Amazon, eBay and other “online big box stores”, as well as a handful of smaller sites, 10 – 20 pages, monetized using that variety as well and even some landing pages that offer a product that can be bought right on the spot from the impulse buyer. That variety expands my little shopping center idea into more of an indoor mall idea and gives me a much broader base of income as well as protects me in the event of a crazy hard core algorithm change that could just pop up at any minute.


The “build your passive income with the Mall method” gives you a much better chance at capturing more revenue as your targets are much larger and broad based. That business model also practically guarantees that you are immune to Google’s algo changes for your entire income base. One other thing it does is spread your income out so that it comes to you over the course of a month as opposed to a handful of large bank deposits just a couple times a month.

Those three reasons alone are worth looking into building your online revenue streams out so they are more broad based than just relying on one method, type of site, or limited business model.

Now, as opposed to one site being the mainstay, you have a variety of sites putting money into your bank accounts. The larger ones are ranking for a bunch of interrelated keywords and sending you money from a bunch of different types of monetization. Your eCommerce sites are using the opportunities afforded you by those looking to buy a product online. The smaller ones are ranking for a handful of keywords and filing your coiffures with cash from a different types of revenue streams and your landing pages are popping cash into your bank accounts daily by selling to the person that buys right on the spot.

I’ll always have my huge authority sites that are content based, I suppose; they have served me well for around 8 years or so and have withstood a myriad of updates in the search engines and still power along. I’d be nuts to kick them to the curb or abandon that aspect of my online income model.

The 40 – 50 page sites are great for a smaller niche that I have discovered and take a lot less time to build out as I can pop them out with about 20 or 25 hours of work if I do it all myself. For me that is about 2 days of actual hands on work and it is much less, of course, if I outsource the writing. The return is usually pretty good as I can target a decent amount of keywords in the process.

I’ll probably also always have a bunch of 10 – 20 page sites that I can build in just a few hours and take advantage of the low hanging fruit that is out there just begging to be picked. I personally have to withhold the desire to build them out into larger sites but that is more of a habit or personality trait than it is using smart business sense as once they are up and ranking they just generate revenue daily.

I see nothing but bright sunny skies ahead for the ecommerce sites that I am building these days as well. People buy from the trusted brands that I use to monetize them and the current strategies I am using to rank them is pretty efficient and drives some nice buying traffic to them. It is also a different revenue stream that broadens my monetization base which I believe is an important aspect of building any online business.

Landing pages can look spammy and even have a cheesy feel to them and for good reason. The ones I set up are to get the visitor to buy immediately without too much thought into the process. I’m not looking to rip off my visitors, and I suggest that neither do you, but there is a mindset out there that wants to buy and buy now. I offer that type of client the opportunity to go with their impulses. Using Clickbank or a CPA product is usually a pretty good way to monteize those kinds of sites and if you are “preselling” and not “prescamming”, your charge backs are negligible.

It takes time to build out like this just as it takes time for a mall to be built so you are going to need to be patient if you are going to make this business model work. Patience is not usually a virtue that is exhibited by many in the online industry as we are a little conditioned to make money now by too many that are selling eBooks and courses. I’ve looked at hundreds of those kinds of things and very few offer anything that will give you a sustainable income online and I just don’t think that makes a whole lot of sense. If you are going to put in the effort to make a buck online, why not put in the effort to make that buck over and over again?

Don’t limit yourself to the “this is the {best|only|hottest|fastest} ways to make money online; build an empire that will increase revenue streams, make your bank accounts fatter, protect you from the ever changing landscape of the search engine algorithms and build a sustainable online income.