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August 4, 2014
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Many authority pages offer you opportunities to link into your site but they are usually no follow links. To me that is not an issue as there is more to a backlink than just direct link juice and I’m actually a fan of a no follow link at times. I use those sites an awful lot and I’ll share below how I see it affecting my sites in a positive way.

Authority sites have what are typically called parasite pages on them. Those are pages that will rank fairly easily for selected keywords and are often used in the online reputation management and online public relations industries but can also benefit those of you that are doing SEO. The no follow parasite pages will transfer some level of link juice through, albeit not as if they were do follow but there is more to them than just the link juice.

Using Parasite Pages to Rank

Parasite pages also transfer authority to your site.

Sure we all talk about links, link juice, authority links, EDU and .GOV links and such but we fail to look at authority as a part of the algorithm that has an effect on our web sites. I have about 40 links to various sites of mine from Wikipedia that I have been able to get over the years and I know it has a positive effect on those sites as part of the long term business model I have in place. It provides a balance that you do not get from a blogspot page link and it provides an authority link that you are not going to get from a weebly blog.

There is link juice as we all know in the SEO world as beneficial to our sites in general and there is something I call authority juice. Authority juice comes from links that are on authority sites or to us guys that use them for SEO, parasite sites; sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkeden, Yahoo Answers and other sites that are very well known. They do not necessarily benefit you with link juice, and the actual page you have your link in is not always laden with direct DA/TF and other domain metrics, but the site itself has all of that and more.

Local ranking

You having a link from that site, even though it is an inner page, gives your money site a hefty boost in the eyes of Google as a trusted site. It is not unlike the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”. Google sees links to your site from parasite pages on authority sites, which it trusts and ranks and gives you a nod when it comes to putting you in a better position in the search engines. That is common sense SEO and I’ve been doing that for years.

But that is just the beginning of how to take advantage of those kinds of links in your SEO. Once you have a link in a parasite page inside an authority site, then the best thing to do is to boost that page with backlinking so that it “personally” gets recognized by Google. We know that Google is going to give respect to the authority site, that is a given. Now we want to take that to the next level and get the actual page recognized. We do that with a backlinking infrastructure just like you would do with any web site but we can be much more aggressive.

I’ll use my personal sites as an example; they are from about 400 or so pages to a few thousand pages in size and are from 8 years to about 2 or so years old. They rank pretty well in the business, finance and employment niches and I’m comfortable for the most part where they are in the internet hierarchy. The fact of the matter is, that although they rank for some pretty tough keywords, and have some decent size with an awful lot of unique content on them, they are nothing compared to an authority site with parasite pages on them.

So my backlinking strategy is not wild when I work on those sites. I do white hat SEO to those sites and tread lightly when it comes to linking in making sure that that I do not cause Google to think I am trying to game the system with some crazy tactics.

Parasite Page SEO

With a parasite page on an authority site, the off site SEO process is entirely different. I treat those pages as if they were a churn and burn SEO project and hit them like there is no tomorrow. They have a much deeper on site infrastructure and thus can handle a much more aggressive off-site SEO process and pushing them to the limit to get them a lot of attention from Google is the way to treat them. That does a couple of different things that can benefit you long term.

First it will help push the parasite page to the top ranking in Google and possibly get you click throughs from the links on the pages. That in and of itself is a pretty nice thing as it broadens the referring sites that you get traffic from and that will be a positive in your rankings. Secondly the link itself has more value as it comes from a site that is ranking high for one or several of your keywords. Again, a positive for your rankings as a link from a site that ranks high in Google is a better link than that of one that is on page 93 in Google. Finally, that link that is going to your site, even though it may be one that is no follow, has a lot of back linking to it and thus is seen by Google as a better link than one that has no backlinks to it and gives your site SEO benefits

The combination of the authority site that has your parasite page on it, the ranking of that parasite page in Google for your keyword with a link to your site, and a massive amount of links to that parasite page giving it more juice in Google’s eyes is a SEO win your site.

Parasite Pages Are Good For SEO, Plain and Simple.