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December 8, 2014
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December 26, 2014


I nsert your content hereI have adsense on a bunch of my sites… not all of them but a fair amount of them and I use Adsense link units in a way that is 100% within the Adsense Terms of Service, pretty effective, very attractive and gives the visitor a positive browsing experience. I’ve seen it on other sites as well but thought to share the idea as a few of my friends were not aware of this idea and, if they were not aware, I figure others were not either.

If you have spent any time on this site, you know that there is generally good content on all my sites and it is usually a lot of quality content. I’m a huge believer in the passive income model of building an authority site, ranking it, generating nice revenue from it and doing minor maintenance on the site over the long haul. I make a decent living on that particular business model and one of the ways I generate revenue from those sites is the Adsense advertising PPC model. I use both image and text ads as well as link units as they all have a certain place in the monetization of a site that is using Google Adsense.

I’m not out to “trick” my visitors as that is not good business, but rather give them a good browsing experience all the while I make a living from my work. I think the two of them go hand in hand as that gives me a long term business and not a one shot, grab what you can, opportunity.

What I do when I use link units is specifically set them up so that they are just below the header area and above the area on my sites where you see the content. It appears to the visitor that if they click that, it will take them to a new page, and it does, just not on my site. It is a nice way to generate a revenue stream that is a little unlikely for most. The CTR is fairly high from this method and, although a link unit click does not generally produce the same revenue as a typical ad, you are getting cash from your site and it is a nice blend in with almost any other revenue generating process on your site.

Here is an example of what I do: