You Tube Marketing for Direct Sales

Youtube Marketing for Direct Sale
July 8, 2014
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July 9, 2014
Youtube Marketing

I have always used to YouTube for sharing processes in my Internet marketing efforts such as videos on my services, instructional videos on how to use my services, informational videos on how to do something in word press or some other kind of content management system but I have never used it for direct marketing or direct sales until very recently.

The example or process I'm about to share is certainly not 100% unique but it is something that I do and it generates a nice little income once the system is set up and place. Trust me it will take you a bunch of hours and some efforts to set things up, but once they are set up you will have a nice little residual income over a long period of time.

I'll share this in steps and try to be as complete as possible and you may find other things to do that would enhance the process and give you better revenue and if so, that is super.

Youtube Marketing

The first thing I do when implementing this Internet marketing method is to go to ClickBank and find a product that is trendy and has a decent landing page. I'm not a big fan of click bank even but I'm not buying the product I'm looking for something that offers value and is not egregiously priced. One thing about you tube marketing is that purchase is going to be an impulse purchase and it needs to be priced reasonably.

I then go grab my hop link and go to and shorten the link. Typically the hop link is long and looks like spam central and I don't want that anywhere to be seen.

Once I have the product and the hop link in place it's time to do a little keyword research. I will go and find 10 or 12 different longtail keywords that revolve around what the product offers and use those keywords as titles for my videos. With that keyword research I don't look at the volume, cost per click, competition for any other metric. I just look to see what makes sense to me as to what somebody might actually search for and use the tools that I talk about on my keyword research page to help me out.

Okay, so now I have a product, I have a link that doesn't look like huge cans of Spam and I have a dozen longtail keywords that relate to the product.  Now we need a video, so what do we do?

I actually create a video. Anyone that has seen my videos are aware that I do not have any creativity in that arena. In fact the stuff I do is absolutely horrific. For that reason I usually use one of my virtual assistants or head over to a site that makes videos for you such as fiverr and pay someone to make a proper video. I have at times used Screencast-O-Matic and the results are fine for some products but I wanted something snazzy I outsource it.

Okay now we have a product, we have a link that doesn't look like a huge can of spam, a dozen longtail keywords that relate to the product and a video. Well, it needs some more videos. You need a new video for each keyword you chose so you either get to work or you outsource it to a VA. Right now you have probably 3 to 4 hours into your project.

Okay your other 10 to 12 videos are done and you need to do something with them.

Open up a Gmail account specifically for this particular product that you're trying to sell and set up a YouTube account that corresponds to that Gmail account. Believe it or not you are finally ready to start doing something about making some money from the efforts you just put in.

Upload one video at a time every hour or so. Use each keyword as a title and use a similar keyword as a tag. Also used some of the tags that are suggested by YouTube.

The next day you have all your videos uploaded and now it's time to take advantage of something called TubeAssist. Tube assist is a service that will help you get people to your channel that have the same interest as what you are trying to sell. What they will do is automatically go out and find people who are interested in your product that are currently actively engaged in YouTube commenting. It will then go and share your video to those people and get those people to subscribe to your channel as well.

Okay so you have these people visiting your video that have an interest in your product odds are you will have some conversions and start making some money. The whole process might take you in all reality six man hours or so and that's not bad considering you can generate a nice little revenue stream for a long period of time and do it on autopilot.

So there you go, a nice little method to make some money on autopilot.

You can do this over and over again with different niches as long as you use a new Gmail account tied to a new YouTube account so that you are not mixing your visitors up.

This is not a process that requires a lot of money, a whole lot of know-how, or even much creativity. It does require some time and effort as well as patients because the money is not going to roll then immediately.

I hope this helps some of you put some money in your pocket because that's what this site is all about; Internet marketing using reasonable processes even if it is not common sense SEO.