The Future of Sape links

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May 7, 2014
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July 1, 2014

The future of sape link

I’ve been wrong before when predicting the future and I could be wrong here so don’t go stopping all your SAPE link efforts just because I say so. I did though as I believe this method of ranking a site is coming to an end. Like all SEO methods that are not really natural, they do the trick and like all other methods that are not natural, it was nice while it lasted.

What are SAPE Links?

Sape links are Russian sites that are high in PR (page rank) and have low out bound links (OBL) on the network and the sites are, as one would expect, all in Russian. They are actually good links in one respect in that they work very well and in another respect I do not see them having a long term sustainable shelf life. Sape links have different IP addresses, different hosting companies, different niches and are careful to not just be spam sites.

Not everyone can post links on those Russian sites so there are services that offer the process for you. You should get a decent rise in the search engines right off once you set up with a provider and they are able to get you some links on those networks.

Why am I saying that you need to think twice when Sape Links are giving you their yPickMe speech?

Contrary to the claims they leave no footprint, I believe they do and I believe it is a huge footprint. Say you have a site about widgets and it is a .com and is written in English. You have Web 2.0s, some random article directories, social bookmarks, social media…. all the usual off site SEO doing it’s thing on your behalf.

Then you have a dozen SAPE links that are Russian sites (.ru) with your English KW in there. Google sees these links at first and gives it no thought as that does happen naturally sometimes plus Google knows that some Russians with websites read and write English so no biggie there either. But the Google algorithm happens to see that the site is ranking from the link juice from the SAPE links mainly. The other backlinks in place are not as prolific nor as powerful and it is obvious to the algorithm.

Still not an issue as SAPE links are safe there!

But Google,takes that information and files it away in it’s fancy file cabinets somewhere in Mountain View, California along with a little bit of other information it happens to come across. Lo and behold there happens to be a few others like you that are using SAPS links to rank and filed in other fancy filing cabinets in Google’s headquarters and some minion at Google happens to be find all these files and says, “Hey, I see something here!”

The minion takes that information to his or her superior, they look it over, break out their calculators, TI–99/4As, put on their thinking caps and realize that all these websites in different languages are on this Russian network and are all ranking due to the power of this network and not because they have a well balanced backlinking infrastructure. Google sees that the balance of power in the backlinking is too far off center for these tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites.

That’s called a footprint by the way.

Well, G, is not a happy little camper as it has been duped again and being duped is not in the business plan of the Google Executives so you know what the very powerful OZ… err Google does? He says “I hereby take back all link juice of any consequence from the SAPE Links and the SAPE link guys.”



Taken Down!

So those of you that relied on SAPE links to be your train to the promised land and did very little else are now wallowing on page 119 in Google instead of sitting in the top 3 or 4 spots getting no traffic and thus no revenue. Not good for you, not good for the advertisers on your sites and not good for the mortgage holder on your home. Pretty much not good at all long term.

So, what are you to do?

What I always suggest…. build a well balanced backlinking infrastructure so that one kind of link does not overpower the structure and give you too much juice from one sector of the structure.

Should you delete your SAPE links?

I would not but I would be sure to not let them be dominant in my off site efforts as that is always going to be the way to build a sustainable Google friendly website that will continually rank and continually bring you targeted visitors that will convert into a revenue stream for you.

That folks, is Common Sense SEO.