The best AD placement for a Website.

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March 10, 2015
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March 24, 2015


Ad Placement on your website can make your work worthwhile or could have you pulling out your hair because you did not generate any revenue for all your efforts. Although there is no perfect ad placement, I’ll share what I believe is the proper ad placement for a word press site.

Although many people espouse that all the ads should be above the fold, and it should be for SOME sites, I don’t subscribe to that way of thought and some of my ads don’t show immediately when you load a site. It makes the site look less spammy and also gives me a chance to presell the visitor which I believe is important for a solid click through ratio (CTR) as well as conversions on the other end.

My sites also have some decent content on them usually so if a person goes there because they are truly interested in the subject matter, they have a propensity to read down and will see all my ads. That is not a guarantee but it does happen more often than not.

Below is an image that shares how I usually set up the ads on a wordpress site and the image also has some other information that may be helpful but pay attention to the ad placement and you will see how I operate most of the time with my sites. Also, it does not matter is I am using a CPA offer,, Adsense, selling something or using a PPC revenue model, this is pretty much what I do on my sites with little variation.

The site is a fictitious one of course but the concept works and works well for all different verticals in the internet marketing industry.

As with any monetization for a site, I do test and you should do the same. I like to test using a variety of offers as well as move my ads around too and it can take me several months before I settle on using one or two methods to monetize my sites but I almost always end up using this particular set up for ad placement.