Are you charging enough to the Game?

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March 18, 2015
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March 30, 2015


T here is a circle of people in which I interact that use the term, “charge it to the game” at the time. To them, it means the cost of doing business.

In Internet Marketing I see that more of a “Are you spending enough time testing?” or “Are your testing SEO Methods?”. I do an awful lot of testing, and even have people that do that exclusively for me, in order to see what does not work when ranking a site, marketing a service, selling products and monetizing sites. Probably more than the average bear but I don’t see any way around that in the guarantee that what I am doing is the best to maximize my business entities.

Sure, I read what others are doing, see what others are selling, see how different people monetize their sites but that really pales in comparison to actually doing legitimate hands-on testing.

Just replicating others, although that can be successful and profitable, is taking a shortcut that will not show me some of the pitfalls that can occur if I don’t properly charge to the game.

Just as if you were to whip out your American Express and buy something at a store though, you have to pay. In this case, it is the time, energy and expense to see the best possible process for you to use to get the most out of your {site(s)|service(s)}.


There was a time that I was spending more than half my work day on testing, and although I don’t spend that kind of time now, I am still ensconced in that realm as it is a large part of any successful business model. Finding the failure in the ideas and processes is like finding weeds in an otherwise nicely manicured lawn. It is distressing to find but so very satisfying when you eliminate them and end up with close to perfection.

There is a lot more value in the underlying processes than people give credit for generally. They see a pretty site, a pretty sales page, maybe some top of the line graphics or some advertising that looks real sharp but many miss the amount of work that goes into making those work to generate a nice revenue stream.

They fail to see that the guys that are doing the coding behind the scenes are sitting at their desk eating cold pizza that is slipped under their doors quietly so they won’t be distracted and screw up a line of code and thus ruin a perfect process; or the guy that has 9 windows open seeing which monetization method works best or the guy that is comparing revenue graphs for the past 3 months to see what converted best.

Those “grunt” tasks are what make a successful Internet Marketer and, in fact, make a successful offline businessman as well.

I had a conversation with a colleague a few years back and I shared what percentage of business were X and what percentage was Y and the breakdown of the expense to get clients in each area as well as the profit for them as well and my philosophy on why X and Y were both needed and in what percentages in order to build our type of business properly… this was close to 25 years ago.

He thought I was extreme in my thinking and my analyzing was “a bit much” as I had graphs all over the walls in my office.

2 years after that I sold my business for a mid-six-figure sum; last I heard from him he was still humping away making his 50K a year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a working man making 50K but there was so much more potential if he had taken the time to test and analyze and charged a little more to the game.

So, take a step back and evaluate your work day. Are you charging enough for the game or are you going to be a little complacent and make your 50K and call it a year?

Testing SEO Methods can be the causing agent to take you from the 50K a year guy to the one that walks away from the table with a big fat check.