Tough time making it?Use the Jenny Craig plan.

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March 24, 2015
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I am not suggesting that you go on the Jenny Craig diet but if you are not as successful as you would like to be, you may want to look at the Jenny Craig diet plan in a way that is not the intention of the lovely and talented Ms. Craig (if there really is such a person).

Jenny Craig is hugely popular and just like most other diet plans, has a decent success rate if you follow the program. We are not so concerned about the diet program that is offered by that entity but the things we can apply to become successful in internet marketing.

The deal with the JC program or any other diet program is that people set a goal. You decide that you want to lose X amount of {pounds|kilograms} and your goal is in place. As a businessman, you need to do the same but in a different way. I usually do not set revenue goals as that does not work for me although I have in the back of my mind that I want to make X amount if I do Y. My goals are more along the lines of building a certain thing or making a certain thing work. I’m actually in a fairly new venture that is local here to me and partnered up with a guy and he asked me why I was interested in building this business. My response was, “I like to build things and I can’t turn a wrench or pound nails with a 20 ounce Estwing, so this is how I satisfy that.” You have to set goals that would motivate you and that could be money, a boat, a nice watch, etc… you know better than I do but for me, the satisfaction comes in knowing that I was a part of something that became a success.


With the program offered by Jenny Craig, you are given a counselor. That person is part of your support system as well as one to whom you are accountable. Does everyone in business need a counselor? I do not think so, and in fact, I think that most entrepreneurs do not and most would not flourish if they did. But we need to be held accountable and that can come in many forms; a business partner, a spouse, our employees, our clients or even our mortgage. A business partner, “Sure, Darko, I’ll have that content in your hands in 3 hours”, a spouse, “Sure, Honey, go ahead and buy that on Tuesday as we will have some extra money then from XYZ”, our employees, “Yup, you can go ahead and expect that new VPS to be operational by tonight so you can work on Project ABC”, your mortgage company… I think you know the drill there. Accountability in business is just plain important.

You also get some tools with the JC program. Those are articles on nutrition, recipes and an opportunity to interact with others in the same boat as you. In our industry we have tools as well, some are software like GSA, ScrapeBox, your favorite keyword research tool or maybe something that you coded yourself. We also have an abundance of information at our disposal that is available here as well as other sources and we can interact with others in the industry on internet marketing forums, on FaceBook, Skype group chats and in real life as well. It would be unwise to not take advantage of the tools that we have as that spurs some of the creativity needed to be successful in business.

The JC program is a program based on discipline. You are supplied (actually buy it) your food and are told to stick to that food only. It is sufficient in quantity, gives you 3 meals and a couple of snacks and is said to not be bad tasting. The only thing you are supposed to do is to follow the program and eat what you are told and when you are told to eat it. As a businessman, we need to be disciplined to follow through with little deviation once we have a business model that has a history of success in place and the discipline is what holds the entire process together like some kind of all-inclusive glue .

So, if you want to be a successful internet marketer and are struggling, use this business model; set goals, be accountable to those with whom you interact, take advantage of all the tools and commit yourself to it.

You do not have to commit to 18 hours a day 7 days a week, you can operate an hour a day if that is what fits your lifestyle but you do have to make a commitment to a business model if you want any long-term success in Internet Marketing, as in any business venture.

It may sound simple and it is but that simple four-step thought process has benefited tens of thousands to lose tons and tons of weight and can be the reason you are a success in your online ventures.