Why I got into Social Media Marketing

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November 10, 2015
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Social Media


I nitially I got into social media marketing because a friend of mine shared with me a simple little website that one could manipulate and advertise. It was then that I realized that social media marketing was probably one of the easiest ways someone could make money online if they are willing to put in some time, some effort and some testing.

The methods that I use to market using social media are not unlike some methods that I used years ago marketing using online classifieds websites. The amount of work is similar, the types of products and services that one can offer which bring a return are similar as well, and the money earned for the effort is also in the same ballpark.

Now I’m not going to get into what I promote or advertise using social media as that would expose myself to possible competition as well as diminish your opportunity to expand your business enterprises online using your own thoughts and ideas.

What I do want to express here though is that if one operates in only one realm online to make a living, they are putting themselves in a precarious position. Now your method or business model may be something that lasts the ages, and I have a couple that has been strong for going on eight years now, but staying with just those methods is not a sound business model when it comes to Internet marketing.

When I shared with a few friends that I was venturing into social media they thought I lost my head. I had little to no experience there, little to no interest there and would be starting out without any real knowledge. Just those three thoughts alone should be enough to dissuade someone from venturing into an area online as those are typically prerequisites to any moneymaking methods on the Internet.

On the other hand even a Neanderthal like myself can see that the marketing opportunities using social media leave room for lots of error so that you can generate a very nice income once you work out even just a few kinks. Also, I knew I needed to expand and grow if I were to be able to not punch myself in the face six times a day because of absolute boredom with what I was currently doing to make money online.

So having delved into social media six or seven months ago, I have now turned that testing into a solid business model that runs almost completely on autopilot. I can spend 20 to 30 minutes a day, setting up my day as it relates to social media marketing, and generate a very aggressive income. To get to that 20 to 30 minutes a day process though took hundreds of hours of manually operating testing and finding all the things I did wrong so that I can correct them and automate them.

I’ve never been one big on taking shortcuts, and I’m not very technical, so the manual operation aspect of social media marketing did not really bother me. That is a huge help because many people do not care to go through every nook and cranny of a process to see what works and does not work.

Having said that process up it still doing regular tweaking, unable to see a little more than just what free advertisements I need to post to generate targeted traffic to my products and services. With that information, I can now venture into paid advertisements with a significant amount of testing already completed. You see, I don’t believe that there really is a set it and forget it process as much as there is a set it and build upon it process.

If you want security in your online ventures you need to continue to expand outreach in other areas that may not be comfortable for you as a variety of opportunities to give you a reach that you do not get from just one type of venture.

Don’t be that guy that put blinders on because he has a nice working method making a good buck because tomorrow that very well could be a dead method.