Should a website owner outsource their SEO

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August 17, 2014
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August 22, 2014

Should a website owner outsource their SEO

I nsert your content hereNow, this may come across a little biased because I do own some as SEO services but I’ll try to be as objective as possible so that you get the truth and not some sales pitch from me as I am a big believer in a website owner outsourcing all their SEO with very few exceptions.

I’d like to start with a small example of how I live my life for the most part. We have some rather high-end cars in our household and, although I could probably do some of the maintenance, I don’t go near them with a wrench. Sure, I am 99.9% positive, that I could change the oil and filter and the car would be happy and ride wonderfully and I would save a couple of dollars in the process.

But, would I have noticed that the car had some other kind of minor or even major issue while under there with a socket wrench? Chances are no. Chances are that if there was something else wrong with the vehicle I would not catch it and we would be calling AAA because my expertise is not in automobile maintenance. What are the chances of there being something wrong with my car that could cause an issue? Honestly, the odds are there would be nothing wrong but is that a gamble I’m interested in taking?

No, just plain no.


I think that your average website owner is much better off outsourcing their SEO because they typically are not up on every little nuance that is happening in the SEO world. For that matter, neither are all of us people that are SEO professionals but we do our best to stay abreast of the changes and are much more plugged-in than your average website owner. Your average website owner, should they not outsource their SEO, may miss a little thing and there is no AAA to call as a website owner. You would typically be stopped on the side of the road with no rankings and no revenue.

What about the return on investment when you are outsourcing your SEO on a regular basis? That, is something that every website owner needs to look at before the break out their wallet or logging into their PayPal account. In fact, I have often told prospective clients that it is not in their best interest to be doing business with me or anyone else who is a SEO provider. It is not common sense to spend a dollar and make less than a dollar and I do not like to offer my common sense SEO services to someone who’s looking to outsource the SEO for a web site and they get no return on their spending.

It’s not right on any level and is a horrible way to build a business for a long-term sustainable revenue stream. So as a website owner my suggestions are that you continue to build your sites with proper keyword research and quality content and let a professional take care of anything under the hood. Before you do spend any money outsourcing your SEO with SEO professional do the math and make sure that the money you spend is going to come back to you over the long term.

Oh, you may be wondering why I chose that image above for this article. Well, I Googled “Outsource”, went to images, then to the drop-down menu “labeled for reuse” and that was in the group of images from which to choose. Yeah it makes no sense that it would be tied to “website owner outsourcing your SEO” but the rest of the article does make sense so use your head when hiring an SEO professional.