SEO Packages

I often get asked why I don’t offer packages for people to buy as opposed to boutique SEO like I used to offer and have kicked around the idea some and have decided to start offering SEO link packages once again.

As the team works we will add to the offers we have and delete others as they become stale or are no longer effective in ranking sites so this page will remain fluid as well.

This page will be the jumping off point and will link to the packages we offer so that those of you that like to have your hands in the SEO process can make informed decisions and purchase accordingly.

Remember, anything I offer I use on my own sites so you know I’m offering something that I trust on my own money sites.

SEO Packages

Cornerstone Tiered Links – We offer this on two levels with Package A offering over 11,000 links and Package B offering over 22,000 links.  The links are tiered and start with Google properties as the foundation.  We add in a series of Web 2.0s and other satellite sites (the majority are Do-Follow), do some interlinking then add some social properties, Tweet from some very strong Twitter accounts, generate a bunch of Facebook shares, Pins, Google + shares and top everything off with a ton of links to the properties.

Although I can’t guarantee this will rank your site, I have not had an instance where a person’s site did not experience a very nice jump when employing this process.  The packages will also increase the authority of your site so that the rankings you do experience will not fall off the table should Google decide to update their wacky algorithm in the future.

The diversity in the links is massive, the content is handwritten, and this can be used on new or old sites because of the nature of the links and the way we tier them. It is also good for local SEO if you have a site that is tied to a brick and mortar.

One URL and 5 KWs is what is suggested for these links although there are instances where it makes sense to use another inner URL so you can add that in the order form.

This process takes time so it will be 4 – 6 weeks by the time it is complete as tiered work requires time to do it properly as I’m sure you can appreciate.

You will receive a complete report with all the activity we have done for you and I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

Package A offers over 11,000 links and is priced at 327.00. Click Here to Order!

Package B offers over 22,000 links and is priced at 597.00.  Click Here to Order!

Both are good deals for the quality, diversity and authority they provide.

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