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July 23, 2015
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September 7, 2015

Real Time Analytics – A Whole New Level of Web Analytics

Traditional web analytics

Web analytics, as you might already know is the collection of raw data such as number of visits, page views, bounce rate and so on. This data is collected and presented in a report form, usually after a lag or waiting period when the data is processed and converted to a report.

This sort of analytic reporting has been widely used by website owners who are able to gather critical information about the optimization of their website. However, there is one major drawback to this reporting system as it does not present data in real time.

Real time Analytics

For the sake of illustration, let us assume that you have a site that goes viral after a certain article that links to your site is shared by thousands of people. A traditional web analytics report will show you on the next day that thousands of new visitors came to your site. It is definitely good news but what if your website was not catered to the new audience and you also saw in the report that about 75% of the visits that came to your site left without reading what you had to offer. You can now make some changes to optimize your website for the newly increased traffic but the fact of the matter is that you have already lost out on the spike of traffic that you experienced yesterday.

This is where real time analytics will provide a huge advantage to you. As the name suggests, this form of analytics will allow you to monitor your site on a live basis. You will be able to see that there are so many active visitors currently on your site. You will be able to see the traffic sources and this is just scratching the surface when it comes to what real time analytics can do for you. The best part about this breakthrough analytic system is that you will actually be able to see what your customers are doing on the site. For example, you will be able to see that a few are reading through the site, few are writing a comment or trying to interact with a menu.

You will also find that a few are just idle. This is extremely valuable information that was just unavailable before the introduction of real time analytics. With this tool, you can now make some changes to your site to personalize it according to the behavior of the customer. This will allow you to improve conversions, retain customers, increase customer loyalty, thereby leading to a much more optimized site, all in real time.

Real time analytics will also be able to send you SMS or text message alerts on your cell phone every time an important event such as a spike in traffic, server failure or slow page loading occurs. These alerts are also customization in such a way that you can create a personalized monitor for your site.