If you play the system you can become Potus.

The internet marketing industry and it’s hidden pitfalls.
September 30, 2016
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February 14, 2018


B efore anyone gets any silly thoughts that this is political, consider that I could care less who is President of The United States. It matters little in my mind and, although I lean conservative in my thinking, I don’t much care who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

That being said, Donald Trump did what every successful Internet Marketer does; he played the system.

As an Internet Marketer that has had some success, I look for loopholes, exploits, and workarounds to get my sales message out to targeted prospects. Sure, I do some of the conventional things like most others (SEO, PPC and Banner Ads) but I also find places to market that cost nothing but elbow grease or automation. Finding those places is where playing the system comes in.

Trump won some States that were supposed to go to Hillary Clinton and have been stalwarts in the Democratic Party for years and here is how he did it.

First, he did not go where the Democrats were super strong and spend a ton of money and energy there. Sure he made appearances but largely he went to the outlying areas and “marketed” there. He went to places where the people were actually neglected by any political party over the years and targeted those people. Whether his message was the right one or not, it was a message to them and it appealed to them.

A few examples of playing the system:

Rural areas all over the country were Pro-Trump.

I live so far from the real world it is 11 miles to a Wal-Mart or a regular supermarket; 12 miles to a Home Depot and 20 miles to a decent restaurant. In my area, as it relates to the Presidential Election, all you saw were Trump/Pence signs. I don’t recall seeing one Clinton/Who was here running mate? sign. Not a single one. Trump actually had an office out this way and I never saw a Democratic office either. He and his people saw a neglected area and marketed here. It did not take much as there was no opposition. Playing the system got people promoting him and his support grew exponentially as a result.

Wisconsin was won by Trump because, in part, his opponent didn’t even step foot in the State during the campaign. He took advantage of that by marketing in the Badger State with more advertising than her and hit the State with FIVE visits knowing that his presence would make that group of voters feels like he cared. He found a niche group that was largely ignored, played the system by pounding hard in a State he was not supposed to win.

So, I said this was not a political post and it is not; here is what we, as Internet Marketers, can learn and implement.Don’t go banging your head against the wall and try to earn where EVERYONE else is marketing. I learned that back in my bottled water days. Go down the side streets where no one else was selling and your success ration will go up.

For us in IM, we can market choosing KWs that others won’t bother with because they are not high searches but we can do 10 of them to the competitors one. We’ll easily rank for them and make our money while our competition is working his backside off searching for Private Blog Network domains and setting up PBN after PBN. Let him work in that competitive realm where every other guy is and give him that as we rank our KWs and then go to the local pizza place and have a slice and a beer. Playing the system got us a cold one and a little rest and relaxation.

Don’t go selling what everyone else is selling. If you are in the pet niche, find something unique that is not being pushed by every Tom, Dick or Harry and start showing that off in your targeted areas. Let the other guys fight over the latest and greatest products that hit the market while you play the system, take your niche product and build an entire niche line that NOBODY else is offering. Will you make as much as the guys selling the mainstream products? Almost always yes if you find a decent product at a profitable margin. I know as I do exactly that in different niches. It works and it works well.

It’s no secret that I market on Facebook in a variety of ways. Heck, I even shared part of what I do here and it seemed to have given others ideas on how to bank using that social media platform. Do I market where there is a ton of competition? Sometimes I do but I do not make that my main focus as there are just too many places where the competition is almost non-existent. I play the system by finding those places and promote my products and services and do it without the clamor of others clouding up the marketplace with competing products and services. The choices that people that see my marketing are limited to spending money with me or not spending at all the majority of the time.

Do I market the same or similar CPA offers on Social Media as others do? Not like I used to as that is nowhere as profitable as making my own offers and controlling the client. Sure, there is still money to be made with generic CPA offers and I have not abandoned that as it is easy pickings and automated but the real money is offering a completely unique product or service so that your competition is just plain not there. Plus if part of how you work those clients is getting them to opt-in you can market them until the cows come home or until they are so annoyed with your various offers they opt out. That is really a solid way to play the system and earn a residual income from a simple opt-in offer.

Trump played the system and is a winner, you can do the same in your world as well.