Should you Outsource in the Internet Marketing Industry

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June 30, 2015
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To Outsource or not to outsource, that is the question.

M any times we were building a website, building a service, or doing something online that is on the edge as to our skill set and abilities, we wonder should we outsource the work or should we figure way to get it done.

There are plenty of times that I have gone ahead and did the grinding and figured a way to make something work even though it was something that was well beyond my skill set, knowledge or even anything in which I had an interest.

Is it best to outsource in those situations? The answer to that is probably maybe.

What I found in the Internet marketing industry is that outsourcing is often a good idea, and better yet, partnering with somebody who has opposite skill sets is really the way to go if you want to expand or put a professional product on the plate for your visitors or your clients. To be honest it’s not that much different than the brick-and-mortar world where you would hire specialists for different aspects of your business.

Referencing Internet marketing and outsourcing though, I’ll share an example or two.

When Outsourcing Makes Sense

Back in 2010 I partnered with a programmer/coder with a service that we offered to build backlinks in a unique infrastructure for our process I had been manually doing for some time. The manual process works just fine and ranked a boatload of sites for a lot of competitive keywords but took up a ridiculous amount of time for something that could have been done in just minutes had it been an automated process. My partner, Kevin, took my manual process and coded a platform that did all that work at the touch of a button. The little process that I had been doing manually which Kevin turned into an automated process turned into a seven-figure business. Had I tried to learn the code that I seriously doubt I will defend anything but a bunch of gobbledygook on various files that turned into nothing as opposed to a viable business.

If you have ever seen any of the websites that I personally built from the ground up you would know that I also have a little less than zero skills in designing. So somebody coming to my website may appreciate the content, and may appreciate the principles and the opportunities bestowed upon them from the information on the site, they may just click off the site because it was malformed and this interesting looking as well as just plain hideous. Partnering with a qualified designer, or outsourcing that to someone who has the ability to make a site look professional makes a huge difference in my bottom line because visitors don’t bounce off my sites so quickly as they not only have quality content but they also are aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, I have people with whom I do business who are excellent coders and have services that provide a great value for their clients’ dollar. Their problem though is that they are unable to build a website with any kind of meaningful content because the written word is a foreign skill set to them. Those friends of mine, and business associates, can do one of two things; write the content themselves and hope to get their point across to the visitor or outsource the content to a third-party and have a great service or product line offered on their websites explained in the right amount of detail, with the proper adjectives and in a way that your average Joe who visits the site would understand. And buy.

That person would also be well served if they outsourced any marketing or sales material as they often miss the mark when it comes to explaining the features and benefits of their services or products. Outsourcing where you are short in terms of knowledge or ability is actually taking advantage of your limitations in a way that shows maturity.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having the “I can do it” attitude. I’ve had it for eons and will have it for eons going forward. On the other hand, I know that if I outsource some of the aspects of my Internet marketing I can accomplish so much more and put together a much more professional product than if I were the guy who had to have control of every little tiny aspect of my online business entities.

Outsourcing some of the work in your Internet marketing business, or partnering with someone who has skills that are well beyond your abilities, is not just a way to do business it is good business.

By the way, this post came about from a conversation with some very sharp internet marketers with whom I work, share and consider friends and they deserve a large part of the credit.