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December 26, 2014
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T This is being posted in the Noob SEO section but really applies to anyone that runs to the finish line and not through the finish line.

Too many times I see or hear that a person tried this or that and failed at making money in the internet marketing industry due to one reason. There are a lot of reasons we can fail but this one stands out above all others and exemplifies how many operate in more than one area of their life and that reason is discontinuity./p>

As an Internet Marketer that has had some success, I look for loopholes, exploits, and workarounds to get my sales message out to targeted prospects. Sure, I do some of the conventional things like most others (SEO, PPC and Banner Ads) but I also find places to market that cost nothing but elbow grease or automation. Finding those places is where playing the system comes in.

Pretty big word that has a handful of different definitions but in this context I am referring to when one does not complete his act or task. That task could be something as small as posting an article using all the right SEO characteristics because they didn’t feel like taking the extra 3 minutes, or the IMer that didn’t bother doing complete keyword research when they were setting up their authority site, or the guy that started a service but failed to do hard core testing or any other number of reasons.

Simply it means that if you started a process but did not follow though all the way and then some, you are not doing your job properly and completely. You don’t run though the finish line but rather stop at the finish line. There is a huge difference in business when you operate like that, in the internet marketing industry when you run though and in life in general. Your mindset is entirely different when you are looking to get to the finish line as opposed to get through the finish line.


Key To Success Online

I used to be a long distance runner and competed in races from as short as 3.2K to marathons but my sweet spot was 5K to 10K races. Although I had some speed, I was never considered exceptionally fast but I could keep my pace up for a long time and had some juice left over when we came to the last 400 meters or so. That is where I would win a lot of races as many of my competitors would race to the line and thus lose some momentum just before the finish and I would race though the line and thus had the benefit of not slowing until I was past the finish line. It was a real benefit for me as many of my competitors were faster but did not go the extra few yards to run though the finish tape.

The same goes for the internet marketing industry. I’m successful because I go the few extra yards. I’ll spend the extra few annoying minutes on my sites to make sure they are Google friendly, give a nice user experience and have my ads set up for the targeted traffic that comes my way. It can be a pain and it may cause me to have to grab the aspirin bottle at times but I know it is a key to internet marketing success. I could probably make money if I didn’t go those extra few yards, and many people do, but to me it makes no sense to go part way, get a mediocre level of success and then bail.

Worse yet, it makes no sense to put time into a method and not do all the required steps, as well as your own ideas tossed in, before giving up and saying “This method to make money online does not work”. That happens all too often and those that do that are not being fair to themselves. They spend time, energy and money and the return is negligible or nothing at all. Sure, that is good for the rest of us that are competing with you for the online dollar but that is not how you want to live your life I am sure.

So don’t be the guy that runs to the finish line, run though it and use that key to internet marketing success online. You’ll make more money, have a much higher level of success and feel much better about who you are after all is said and done.