Making Money online by Becoming a Publisher

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November 11, 2014
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November 13, 2014

An Introduction to Making Money Online, By Becoming a Publisher

A An Internet publisher is another name for an affiliate marketer. Some affiliate networks, especially the good CPA networks, will refer to their affiliates as publishers and not affiliates. But, in essence, an Internet publisher does the same work as an affiliate. However, there are a few differences, some of which are discussed below.

Who can become an Internet publisher?

Applying to become an Internet publisher at a CPA network or other advertiser network will usually be a little more challenging that applying for an affiliate position. To apply for an affiliate position, one will usually just have to fill out an electronic form and then be instantly approved. This happens because affiliate networks usually follow a pay per sale affiliate model, where the affiliates are paid for sales that they generate.

Since the customer has to make a purchase, the advertiser is never worried about the quality of traffic or promotional methods that are used by the affiliate as the onus is on the customer to take out their credit card and then make a purchase.

But, that is not the case with CPA networks and other advertiser networks that make use of publishers and not affiliates. This is because these networks will follow pay per lead and pay per action affiliate models where an Internet publisher might be compensated for an email or ZIP submit that is entered in by one of their leads. Since the leads will not have to make a purchase, the Internet publisher can send junk traffic or illegally incentivized traffic to create fraudulent earnings.

This is the reason

why many CPA companies will be very careful about who they choose as an Internet publisher.


Who can become an Internet publisher?

This will vary from advertiser network to network. An Internet publisher may have to go through a pretty rigorous selection process. During the sign up, the Internet publisher will have to provide information about their Internet marketing portfolio, their traffic generation methods, their history and relationship with other CPA networks that they might have worked with and so on.

Sometimes, an Internet publisher will also be asked to talk about their goals and their intentions to join a particular CPA or advertiser network. The better CPA networks will almost never accept an Internet publisher if he or she does not have an established website that is already receiving a good amount of traffic, which is also being monetized properly.

Does one have to be located in the U.S. to become an Internet publisher at CPA companies or advertiser companies that are based in the U.S.?

No, there is no rule of thumb that an Internet publisher has to be located in the U.S., in order to be approved as a publisher on a U.S. based advertiser network. However, CPA companies and advertiser networks will reserve the right to be selective with their selection process. Sometimes, a CPA company might be hesitant to work with an Internet publisher based outside the United States as they might not be set up to handle foreign tax arrangements. However, most CPA companies will accept Internet publisher applications from all around the world.