Let us rank your site for you

R anking your own site can be a little bit annoying as many people are personally and emotionally vested in the site itself. It is hard to be dispassionate for something that you call your “Baby” or for a site that is a source of income so you can lose some perspective and creativity when it comes to the SEO aspect.

Let us take care of the proper perspective and get your site where it ought to be in the search engine rankings. That is all we pretty much do all day long as a professional SEO entity. We constantly test the search engines to see what changes they made yesterday, today and what it appears they will be making tomorrow using our team of 15 well qualified people from all over the world.

Need content? We write it in a Google friendly manner and add it so that the bots can crawl it properly and give you the maximum credit for it. Content is not something to just slap together and not something that you would just throw up on your site. There is a method to both and we manage that for you..

Backlinking to a site is not something to be taken lightly and we do not. We see what is the BEST backlink strategy for your particular site; we believe and have seen that not all sites respond to the same backlinking strategies and devise one that is specific to your web site. The off site properties we build are not generic in nature as that is usually a sure fire way to NOT get a site ranked in Google.

We understand the need for proper social signals as well and make sure that your site gets that kind of attention and not the same mass blasts that your competitors are putting out for their sites.

Our processes are unique to us because we constantly test to see what works and what is a fail in the SEO industry and what we do lasts for clients as well. The time we spend on R & D is significant so that we can give you quality and long term results so that when an algorithm change comes along you don’t get beat up and bloodied by the changes.

So if you are looking for personalized, hands on, results driven SEO from a professional that knows how to rank sites and make money from those ranked sites, shoot me an email and let’s see how we can help you out.