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July 15, 2014
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Best way to make money online
July 19, 2014


P lain and Simple… a clean Landing Page (Squeeze Page) with a SHORT video and a call to action button and very little verbiage is a recipe for cash on the barrel. Not all websites have to be hundreds of pages targeting thousands of keywords to make a buck off of them. There are zillions of people out there with one page landing sites that make good revenue and they do it exactly like I described in the sentence above… simple with a call to action.

How Do You Make Money with a Landing Page?

Can you drive traffic to a site like that using Google, Bing and the other minor search engines?

Sure you can but that is not usually the vision of a person with a lander. The person with a lander is looking to get traffic from social media, social bookmarks, classified ads, forum posts and other methods where the person is driving targeted traffic in a non-organic way. Sure, some traffic will come via other methods but in general expect to see the owner of the site have his analytics showing something entirely different than the guy that is doing common sense SEO and ranking lots of pages for his authority site.


Which process is a better way to make money online?

Both can work well and it depends on which suits your personality and business model best. I’m not a big landing page guy but have had some nice successes with them over the years and actually have a couple right now that are paying a few bills for me. I do not really fashion my business model around them but I saw a few opportunities and thought it wise to jump on them. After a few trial and error landing pages (by a few I mean a BUNCH) I ended up with something that is strong and works well for conversions.

Then I did some pay per click (PPC) campaigns, some paid Tweets, a little Facebook promotion, hired a person to post in forums and sat back as the traffic rolled in and the revenue started to build up some.

It takes time to build a proper campaign and it takes common sense as well and it is easy to get all caught up in trying to make it look like something special and I guess there is something to be said for that but I find that a simple landing page without a lot of bells and whistles that sends a visitor to the call to action button is more effective than one that goes on and on for my purposes.

So, if you are looking for something that will give you an immediate bang for your buck, this very well could be your ticket… a small amount of set up and you are off to the races and that is the landing page method to generate online income is saying Ypickme!