Kindle Promotion

Do you have a Kindle book that needs a boost?

One that could use downloads to help you to become a best seller?
How about some sales as well?

I can get you downloads, sales and borrows and do it nice and clean for you.

How do you do that?

Well, I’m not going to give out my entire process but my team and I know how to promote and am extremely strong with Social Media, know how to market using blogging and others’ blogs, and ambecome best seller on kindle able to build email lists to market as well. We have a pretty solid network in place right now that is part of the process so you will be in a lot of areas with lots of eyes on your ebook..

We do not have a standard pricing model as each situation is different so you’ll need to contact me. Odds are you will be real glad you did as we are competitive in pricing and do quality work on your behalf.


You want your free book to get 1,000 downloads?

We can do that for you and have you looking like the King or Queen in your section! Do you want KU Borrows? Yup, we got you there as well. How about sales… can you get sales? Sure we can. I’m sure that you would like having me on your team for this.