Keyword diversity in your Anchor texts.

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July 25, 2014
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August 1, 2014

When you are building back links keyword diversity in your anchor text is something you really need to be doing as that is common sense as SEO.

It’s easy to get sucked into the thought process that the more back link to have linking to your site, that are your exact keyword, will make your back links more effective and give you better rankings in the search engines. That was fine a few years ago and worked well for many who were building sites back before 2010 and 2011.

If you were to follow that exact same process today you would not be looking at first page rankings for any period of time. They’ll be fine for a churn and burn kind of site provided you were slamming your site with back links as opposed to building them slowly and naturally looking over a period of time. Since it is common knowledge that I am not a churn and burn guy but rather a long-term, build a site, rank the site, monetize the site, and let it generate revenue for ages I prefer a more diversified anchor text approach.

But suppose you want to rank for the keyword as “SEO Services”. Using a slam your site approach that would be the only anchor text you would use. If you do that properly you very well could be ranking on the first page of Google for a short period time for the keyword phrase, SEO Services and there is a place for that in our industry.

On the other hand if you were to diversify your anchor text so that you had a variety of anchor text phrases linking to your site that would take you longer to rank but we give you a better opportunity to be lasting longer on the first page of Google. My thinking is if you’re going to build a site to give you a very strong revenue stream over years it makes sense to slowly build the site’s backlinking infrastructure. One way to do that is to diversify your keyword density when building your anchor texts.

Some examples you would use for the chosen keyword two paragraphs above: Seo Services, Best SEO Services, Where to get the best SEO Services, Honest SEO Services, SEO Services with positive reviews, SEO services for new web sites, SEO Services to rank in Google. Those are all when I consider direct anchor text and are a must for those that are trying to rank that particular chosen keyword phrase.

In addition to my direct anchor text I also makes in generic anchor text as a form of diversity in my keywords with phrases such as, click here, for more info, more information on, get more, visit here, visit my website, check this out, cool site and a bunch of others. Those kind of keywords do not get you a aggressive back links as to pushing your keyword phrase to the top of Google but rather offer a more broad off-site package to keep Google from seeing you trying to over optimize your back links. It is nothing more than just keeping Google from seeing you try to game the algorithms. and I refer to those kind of back links as camouflage anchor text.

Now I know that a lot of people want to know what percentages I use when I use anchor text to rank my sites and that number is not a hard a fast one. Using a hard and fast rule is one sure fire way to build a beautiful footprint so that Google can see what you are doing to rank your sites and remember, Google is not a fan of those that are trying to rank sites in a way that is not pure natural activity. With that in mind let me offer some ranges for you to consider when you are setting up your anchor text diversity for your site.

You want to mix in naked urls (,, and the like) between 10 and 15%; Exact Anchor text I like to have between 8 and 15%; direct anchor text is 30 – 40% and generic is another 20 – 30%. Those are only general numbers and not hard and fast as I deviate from them on a regular basis to keep things clean and from developing a footprint and you should do the same.

The main thing is… diversify your anchor text as part of your common sense SEO approach to ranking sites for a long term revenue model.