Is Branding always a Good Idea?

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February 9, 2015
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March 18, 2015


B randing has been a mainstay of successful businesses for tens of thousands of years and most of the time makes all the sense in the world. Coca-Cola is probably the most prolific brand in our generation and, as business owners, we would generally be well served by following their business model in that respect. The entire world knows Coke!

, On the other hand, is important, as a business owner, to be all things to all people.

I’m a huge fan of branding SEO services and have had lots of discussions with lots of different people about the benefits of branding and some of the methods used to make sure that my brands were seen by people as I wanted them to be seen. I probably spend more time on branding that I do on actual marketing in the different kinds of businesses for which I have that responsibility. I can remember a conversation three or four years ago with my friend, Big Buddy, about branding and the thoughts we both had as to how important it was to build a business online.

Branding is important, no doubt about it.

But as online marketers, we serve a diverse market. Many of the people to whom we market are not as Internet savvy when it comes to the vernacular that we use on a forum such as BlackHatWorld, Digital Point and some of the other Internet Marketing forums. We use terms like “tiers”, “SAPE links”, “PBNs” and even the innocuous terms like “keywords”. For us, it’s all second nature and part of our everyday vocabulary. For many of the people to whom we market though, that can be confusing and even a turnoff. Sometimes you can dazzle them with those terms but often times we chase them because they don’t understand what we offer.

This can apply to guys that sell search engine optimization, online reputation management, social signals, those that build websites for people and many other services in our industry. Some consumers don’t care; use all the technology words you want to use and they let it go in one ear and out the other and still buy. Other consumers want to have some sort of idea what’s going on and some even want to know every little tiny detail.

How To Brand Your SEO Service

There is a method I use to service people that are not in the Internet marketing world and don’t understand all the little fancy terminology we toss about. It’s different but it works really well in many areas that are not internet marketing related but rather centric to the client.

I actually change what I offer in terms of the company name, sales pitch, content on my sites and pursue them in their own markets on their own turn using terminology that makes sense to them. I don’t “dumb down” what I am offering, I just use a different vocabulary. I also use a different site that we send them to that, although offers the exact same thing to your average internet guy, is written and formatted so that the non-internet guy can feel comfortable and understand.

Client Base Trumps SEO Branding

That does not broaden my brand base but it does broaden my client base and generates revenue that I would not have otherwise seen come my way. And one thing I see as very important is to build a variety of revenue streams from a variety of different sources. This accomplishes that for me and can be a really nice way to give your business appeal to more than just a small network of IMers.

You get the occasional person that goes to one of my “auxiliary sites” and says, “This is not very technical, some of the other companies I am looking at sound much smarter”, my response is a form of, “I can talk technical, but I try to communicate in layman’s terms unless I am talking to other techies”. That usually works out just fine and allows me to do business with that person on a communication level that makes them feel more comfortable. What I want to portray is that I am not trying to talk down to them but rather in a language they understand.

Remember, we are essentially going to their home or business, in a virtual manner, and I try to act as if I were a guest in their home and speak their language.

This does not work all the time, you’ll get some that will ignore you thinking you are a rookie in the industry and don’t know the technical side of things, that will happen, but more often than not you’ll end up on the positive side of the stick if you are able to communicate and share using verbiage that they use in everyday life.