How to write content for your website using Conversational keywords.

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August 1, 2014
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Generating Conversational Keyword Content

I nsert your content hereI’d like to share a little bit with you about how, I believe, is the best way to populate your website with quality content, that engages visitors, and converts using conversational keywords. I personally believe that conversational keywords are a strong basis for any website is going to have legs as to a long-term revenue stream business model.

As I described in my keyword research tutorial, conversational content keywords are a huge part of how one generates the types of keywords that worked very well when building a website. The problem people have, and I hear it over and over again, is how to write content using those keywords for the website.

Writing content for conversational keywords is actually the easiest kind of content to generate and most people can put together 600 to 800 words in under 15 minutes that will work perfectly for the conversational keyword. Without going into specifics, because that always throws people off, I’ll give you some ideas on how that would work.

Let’s start with the way you write. Most people believe they need to write a specific way as is taught by the schools, teachers and perhaps even their parents. There is actually nothing wrong with writing like that and I do that periodically. That can generally throw up writers block because people tend to over think when they are trying to write to satisfy those particular parameters. That is how most people try to write when their starting a website and many, due to the restrictions in that kind of writing, don’t do as well as it like to or even fail completely.

For conversational content keyword writing, you want to write as if you were speaking. The thinking behind conversational keyword writing is that one would write as if they were just talking to somebody sitting on a park bench next to them. It should be something that flows as if you were just chatting as your strolling down the street. One of the easiest ways to do that is just talking to a recording device for using software like Dragon naturally speaking, which is exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m a big fan of Dragon what I am trying to use my conversational keywords because I can speak and talk just as if I was having a conversation with the person sitting right near me.

conversational content

You can easily slap together a bunch of words, have it make a lot of sense, make it friendly to the search engines such as Google and do it with very little effort by just sitting there with notepad or word open, a headset on and a cup coffee may just the way you like it and put together content after content after content for your websites.

Of course, after you “write” your article using a recording device or software, you need to set it up properly with H tags, bold words properly and format it so it is professionally looking on your site. That is actually the easy part for most people because you’re following a particular for traditional process.

So if you are of the mindset that you are not creative enough to write content for your website give this a shot. I’ve worked with a lot of different people and have implemented this process with many of them and it’s rare that this has not turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered when putting content on their websites.

Conversational keyword content writing can boost your websites unique visitors due to the nature of the content being extremely unique and specific to a person’s particular thinking process. As you write your conversational content, post it, and rank it, you will find that many people are going to your site because they search for those particular keywords. What that says is that you’re not the only person that thinks like that.

Take advantage of the way you speak, the way you communicate and some easy software and you be bang out content like Babe Ruth stayed home runs in banking from them.