How to choose an Affiliate partner

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November 12, 2014
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W ith e-commerce, it is not necessary for you to manufacture products or operate services of your own, if you want to monetize your website traffic. Instead, you can simply send your website traffic to an affiliate partner who will pay you commissions for leads or sales.

What kind of offers do you want to promote? Choosing an affiliate partner

Before you begin your search for an affiliate partner, it is very important that you understand the audience or traffic that comes to your website. What are they looking for? Are they looking for information or are they looking for products.

Based on their needs, you should then choose an affiliate partner.

There are many kinds of affiliate partners that are out there. Some will offer you commissions for sending leads that will make a purchase while some of the affiliate partner sites will pay you a commission for just sending a lead that will enter their email or ZIP code in an electronic form. You must try to analyze which affiliate partner will be best for your site and then try to monetize your site accordingly. Also, never be afraid or hesitant to experiment conversions with many affiliate partner sites, until you find the one that is most optimized for your website, in terms of conversions


Understand the payout options. Choosing an affiliate partner

Every affiliate partner on the site will have slightly different payout options. Some will have a minimum payout of just $10 while some might have a minimum payout of $100. Some affiliate partner sites will issue payments every 15 days while some will send out payments only every 60 days.

When choosing an affiliate partner, one must also make sure the mode of payment will be convenient. Some affiliate partner sites will only offer check payments while some will offer convenient bank transfers, wire transfers or even PayPal transfers.

It is also very important that the affiliate checks up on the reputation of the affiliate partner site when it comes to historic payments. In places like public Internet marketing forums, problems like delayed payments or cancelled payments from a affiliate partner site will be prominently discussed, allowing you to avoid such partner sites.

Check the quality of reporting and tracking. Choosing an affiliate partner

When choosing an affiliate network or partner, you must take a very close look at their tracking and reporting system. A good affiliate site should give you access to real time tracking, where you can track your leads and conversions by the minute. Some affiliate sites will offer some very helpful stats such as origin or location of a lead or sale or the mode of payment that was used for a sale. Being able to access such finer details in a reporting system will allow you to increase conversions with your partner site, by tweaking your sales pitch and marketing methods.

For example, if the reporting shows that most of the sales were generated by people residing in California, you could focus your sales and marketing efforts in such a way that you focus on the Internet audience that originates out of California.