How I Use Private Blog Networks to Rank Sites

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October 10, 2014
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October 28, 2014
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P rivate blog networks are all the rage these days for people trying to rank websites of various levels of difficulty. There are numerous ways to use a private blog network properly to rank your website and my method, is by no means, the only, nor what I consider it the best as I know there are others that know much more than I do that have private blog networks that use for ranking.

But, for sure, my method does work and works for some pretty competitive terms and keywords as I use it for my own personal sites, which are in business and finance, as well as many of my client sites.

I’m not going to give you so much detail that you can go and replicate exactly what I do as that will only cause us both to have to fail issues down the road due to us creating footprints. Hopefully, though, you will get enough information from this to be able to build your own private blog network backlink infrastructure and rank your sites in Google.

Of course, the first thing you need are decent domains that have a backlinking infrastructure from authority sites. They can be dropped domains or they can be domains you picked up along the way that were never dropped as I have not seen much difference in terms of quality based on whether they were dropped or not. The important thing you need to investigate is that the domain itself is a clean domain in terms of backlinking as well as historical on-site content.

For backlinking I use ahrefs as do millions of others; for historical on-site content I also follow the crowd and use the way back machine. Both are sufficient in my mind and both do a pretty good job for the most part. Neither one is perfect but they are the best out there that I have seen in my investigations.  One thing I’m looking for when I am choosing a domain for my private blog network, is, of course, authority site backlinks. I’m not overly concerned that the sites that are linking in are all of the same niches as I don’t see that, nor have I experienced that with the power of my networks, as overly important. What I like to see is a variety of generic type authority site links.

For instance if I am building a site about gaming (which I would never do as it is outside my business model) I would be looking for any kind of backlinks that could be considered generic to gaming. Backlinks from CNN would work, backlinks from Bloomberg would work, Forbes backlinks would work, and of course, USA Today and the New York Times are acceptable as well. You could be hard-core and go after only back links from sites such as Gizmodo and Tech crunch but that will limit your opportunities and versatility for your private blog network. In addition to that, I have never seen much difference in terms of private blog network power to rank the site when using niche specific backlinks.

What I am and looking for when I investigate the backlinks is to make sure the site does not have any spammy links going to it nor any major issues as far as anchor text. Neither one is a win in my opinion and I would suggest you not overlook those factors when choosing your domains. As to historical on-site, I like to make sure the site hasn’t been hacked with your typical Viagra, gambling, and other spammy content or outbound links.

That is all pretty standard, and if you’re reading this, you probably know all that as well as how to host the domains to keep the search engines from seeing what you’re doing with your private blog network. So I’m going to bypass all those other particulars and details.

The other thing that I do, that should be standard in any private blog network, is to go gentle on the outbound links. I may have five or six posts up on my sites and only have one, or maybe just two, outbound links total for all those posts. Content is still King and that doesn’t mean just a lot of content but also the proper use of it when it comes to links. I have seen many private blog networks who have not done that and the power of the network itself is diminished because they fail to take into account the content factor.

Another thing that I do, that I have found to be a rarity with some of the people in the Internet marketing industry, is I build a proper backlinking infrastructure to my private blog networks.  I find it interesting that people will, all too often, buy their domains for a private blog network and just let them be as to off-site SEO to the private blog network domains themselves. I don’t see it as natural and I don’t see that as taking care of your domains and I don’t believe that Google sees that as natural either. If one is adding content to a site, and the site has value and reach, it is natural that they would be some backlinking to the site.

So what I do is build a solid backlinking infrastructure to my private blog network inner pages and treat those sites just as if they were my money sites. By not treating my private blog network domains as orphans they maintain a strong solid presence in Google’s eyes and thus maintain the power of their link juice.

Therefore what I do is build up a variety of content backlinks to the site with unique content on a variety of platforms. I will use all your typical and commonplace platforms such as Web 2.0s, Doc Share sites, parasite pages and the like and treat those backlinks just as I do for any of my money sites. That’s natural and it helps maintain the strength of the private blog network.

On top of that, I build tiered backlinks to those URLs.

I’m not overly concerned about ranking them but rather my concern is that they continue to get attention in the form of backlinks and that attention is seen by Google so that the private blog network remains relevant in the eyes of Google.

On-site I add content on a semi-regular basis to my private blog network sites. I use only unique content and I typically write the content myself although I have outsourced it from time to time. I don’t add content daily nor do I add it on a specific schedule but I do add it occasionally, periodically, randomly and chaotically. I treat the private blog network domains that I am using to rank my sites just as if it were a blog that I was updating like any other Joe Blow or Mary Bikini.

The content I add is typically generic in nature so that I can use it for almost any niche I am trying to rank and I fashion it to that niche when it calls for those actions. To me the content is important and after a while, the private blog network sites build even more authority in the eyes of the search engines and thus give you even more weight when you are trying to promote a money site.

The processes and ideas I have for using a private blog network to rank my sites are not unique I’m sure. I do know though, that many people fail to take advantage of some of the simple, common sense SEO ideas I use when I am building my private blog networks.  Take advantage of these ideas and build out your private blog network and I bet you see your sites ranking and ranking for the long-term.