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February 14, 2018

Over 35,000 words with just a few published ready to go.

Low competition (see link below) and sure to be able to be easy to rank.

This could be a real money maker without having to do a ton of SEO and we are currently building out some SEO as it stands and the SEO alone is worth well over $450.00.

The content from a cheap content writer would be around $700.00 and if I were to charge for the KW research I would charge around $1,800.00 or so.

Total Value is close to $3,000.00 and you can purchase the entire site, with all the content for only $1950.00!

You’ll have a site in a very competitive niche that has great keywords that are easy competition.  What are these easy to rank KWs you ask?

Download this and you’ll see the volume and the competition –

Here is an image that will show you the amount of content that will make you money –

The Keyword research in a competitive niche is done, the content is good to go, there is some SEO in place and all you need to do is add some images to your posts, set your content to drip post add some SEO, monetize it and BANK!

This is an excellent opportunity for someone that has some SEO skills or is willing to spend a few dollars on SEO in a niche that is competitive yet using non-competitive keywords that I have dug up for you.

If this is so good, why don’t you finish what you started?

Good question but I just have too much on my plate to do much of anything else.

Do you have any other sites for sale like that?

Hi there bass.

So this is my typepad url:

Do you use typepad bass?

If so I’d like to give you a typepad blog.

I do have another one that I’m sitting on the fence about that I may go ahead and sell but I’ve not yet decided.

OK, how do I see the site?

Send me an email Click Here to Send Me an Email and we’ll work that out.