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October 9, 2014
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October 14, 2014


I nsert your content hereWhen someone is selling in a supermarket the one thing they want to do is to have more facings on the shelves in the section in which they are marketing their products. For that reason they will offer a different variety of each one of the types of products that they sell. For instance you will see different kinds of Coke, different types of breads, different varieties of soups and many many more options offered by the same vendor in each of their respective sections.

The benefit is that they are positioned better to be sure to get a sale from someone who’s looking for that kind of product in that department of the store. It’s not rocket science but it is very solid in terms of marketing and can exponentially increase the sales for that brand or company.

Well, the same goes for those of you that are building websites. When you build websites you typically want to be able to do the same thing in Google. Google allows for 10 website placements on the first page for any given keyword. If you have one spot on the first page you garner 10% of the shelf space or real estate in that highly desirable area. If somehow, you have more than one page ranking on the first page of Google, you could garner a higher percentage. Two pages of your site on the first page of Google takes up 20% of the top of the line shelf space or real estate on Google first page.


Take that a step further, and as opposed to having one site try to get to placements on the first page of Google for any given keyword, what about building related websites that could do that for you. If you have a website about shoes, and your ranking on the first page of Google for green shoes, what is stopping you from building a second website and working to rank that for the same exact keyword or keyword phrases on the first page of Google?

That first page is where the money is for a website owner that is using SEO to drive traffic to their sites. Typically less than 11% of the Google using crowd goes to page 2 to see what websites are there to serve their needs. So what you need to do is dominate page 1, and dominated in such a way that you cover as many keywords as possible, as many times as possible, with more than just one website. That does not mean building the exact same site in duplicate in the content, the look, and everything else about a website but rather building an entirely different site that can rank for the same or similar keywords or keyword phrases.

Many people that know me are aware that my websites are almost all business and finance. There are a couple reasons for that; one being that I find those subjects interesting and have the ability to write about them. The other is because I can rank for multiple sites, using the same keywords, on the front page of Google and thereby exponentially increase my opportunity for revenue from the targeted traffic that search for those keywords.

That, Folks, is where the real money is for a website owner.

Having one site ranked on the first page of Google for your selected keywords is nothing to sneeze at. Having several sites ranked on the first page of Google for some of the same keywords is money in the bank. Of course still need to be creative in your thought process as you build out the additional sites, but as an Internet marketer you are creative anyway. You just need to take that creativity and build out multiple sites so that you can be the dominator on the first page of Google and have multiple opportunities, with a larger ownership of shelf space, to generate targeted traffic that puts money in your pocket.

All you’re doing is taking the same principle that one uses a brick-and-mortar business as a vendor and turning that into something that makes you money as an Internet marketer. That business model has done wonders for me over the years and it is not all that hard to accomplish if you just spend a little extra time and work at it.