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July 5, 2014
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A design mascot watching the time, perhaps planning. Design Mascot Watching Time

I nsert your content hereOf course you do; but really of course you don’t. Ranking your site fast can bring you, and usually does, immediate traffic and if monetized properly, immediate revenue. But the Internet is not a fast food restaurant chain that serves billions of burgers in under 30 seconds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in the fast food world but that’s not where you websites are located.

When one builds a website that they are considering for a sustainable long-term online income it would be wise to rank a site slowly in the search engines such as Google and Bing. If your website skyrockets very quickly from nowhere to page 1, that is not going to be a normal looking process to the ever roving eyes of Google. One thing we all know, if we are into ranking sites long-term, is that you must please Google and its dynamic algorithm.

Guaranteed or your money back if your site shoots up to quickly it will drawattention that you just plain don’t want from the search engine that send you traffic. It’s very important that we continue to pay attention to what search engine expects from us and to satisfy his hunger for quality content, good back linking and common sense SEO.

So if you want to rank your site fast for a Churn & Burn situation ignore this comment. But if what you’re trying to do is build a sustainable long-term income online that you want to take the proper actions and slow your roll.

I get people asking me often how fast can I rent a site for them. My answer is almost always,”That’s a bad question.” and I, as a professional in the SEO world, stay away from those kind of scenarios as much as I possibly can. Although I know how to run a Churn & Burn program, and have done it on occasion for a variety of reasons, it’s just not my bag. I am one prefers the business model of long term rankings and thus long-term revenue. I don’t have the energy or creativity to be coming up with ideas and building new sites all the time because the old ones that I used in my Churn & Burn business model now get to Google.

I’m with those that run Churn & Burn campaigns and make a decent buck from it and also am friends with many that operate that way. I also believe is a place for that. I do not see that as a long-term business model for anyone because you’re creating a bunch of one-offs.

Common sense SEO dictates that one builds a sustainable revenue stream from their online efforts; one that will eventually be a passive income that will require very little maintenance yet still send you a fat check on a regular basis. I have some sites that took forever to rank for many of the keywords but now are great earners with no effort on my part. They typically rank for thousands of keywords and get silly traffic which just makes me smile every time I get paid from my advertisers.

So for long-term rankings plan on packing a lunch because is going to take you a while to get there but when you get there plan on eating steak so tender you can cut it with a spoon because that’s where you’ll be if you rank your site slowly and properly.