CPA Offers – An Introduction

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November 9, 2014
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What Is A CPA Network?

CPA stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition. Unlike ordinary affiliate marketing where an affiliate gets paid only when he or she generates a sale, a CPA network can generate commissions for various types of leads, where a customer just submits their name and contact information, just their name and email or just their zip code in some cases. In some cases, CPA networks will also pay commissions when a lead just download something from the advertiser site.

A CPA commission is very different from an affiliate commission. To earn an affiliate commission, one must usually generate a sale. However, with CPA offers, one can generate commissions without requiring the customer to complete a purchase.

Below, we will go over the different types of CPA offers that are available today.

CPA offers – Different types

E-mail submits – CPA offers

These are the most plentiful of CPA offers that are available today. To receive a e-mail submit commission, an affiliate or publisher will simply have to send a visitor who will enter their email in a form on the advertisers site. Since the visitor will not have to enter any credit card details or even their phone number for matter, conversions tend to be high. However, these kind of CPA offers will usually only pay about $1 in commissions.

ZIP submits – CPA offers

ZIP submits are CPA offers that are offered by advertisers who are trying to gather information on the whereabouts of interested customers. They are usually done for market research. These CPA offers can convert very well as most web visitors will not mind sharing their ZIP code. These CPA offers pay about the same as e-mail CPA offers.


Short and long forms – CPA offers

There are some CPA offers that will pay between $10 and even $40 for a single lead, as long as the visitor enters information on the form that is provided by the advertiser site. If the CPA offers relate to a short form, the customer will usually have to fill out details such as name, email, date of birth and sex. In long forms, the visitor might have to enter many more details such as address, phone number or even a credit card number in certain cases.

Though these CPA offers pay quite well, the conversion is quite low as customers will often feel skeptical about sharing their personal information on a site that they are not very familiar with.

Free trials – CPA offers

In these types of CPA offers, the visitor will be required to pay a small shipping and handling fee to receive a product that will otherwise be free. For example, they might be able to buy a month’ supply of free vitamins with a free trial, by paying just $5 for shipping and handling. However, such visitors will be told that they will be charged a certain amount per month after the free trial has ended.

They will also be given the option to cancel the free trial. In these cases, the publisher will get a commission when the visitor signs up for a free trial, regardless of whether or not the free trial is extended into a paid membership. Though these offers can pay quite well, conversions are usually quite low as credit card information needs to be submitted.

Downloads – CPA offers

These are simple offers where the publisher will receive a commission when a visitor they send downloads a software from the advertiser site.

PIN Submits – CPA offers

There are many CPA offers in the mobile niche that will pay for a PIN submit. For a commission to be earned with this kind of offer, the visitor will have to enter their phone number on a advertiser site. The advertiser site will then send a text message to the visitor’s phone, providing them with a PIN. The visitor will then have to enter this PIN on the online form on the advertiser’s site, in order to allow the publisher to collect his or her commission.