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If you play the system you can become Potus.
November 10, 2016
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June 26, 2018

Here is a more complete rundown on what you get with our Cornerstone Link Packages.

1) A Base of 8 foundational links that are respected in Google’s eyes and one would expect they always be due to Google having ownership.

2) Known quality Web 2.0 sites that will give you diversity and link juice and are a part of almost all SEO providers arsenal.

3) Completed profile posts on powerful sites to aid in making your backlinking extremely diverse as well as add some link juice to your sites.

4) Blog comments linking to your foundational links.

5) Tweets from Twitter accounts with history and trust.  You’ll love this aspect of our package.

6) Additional social signals from other platforms for diversity, online presence, and authority.

7) We then smash them with 2nd tier contextual links from Wiki sites, forums, articles, social networks on a variety of different platforms.

8) The third tier is a diverse mixture of links to round everything off and give all those links a push in the right direction.

Not only is this a strong package it also provides a level of diversity that you just don’t get from many SEO Link Packages.

Package A offers over 11,000 links and is priced at 327.00. Click Here to Order!

Package B offers over 22,000 links and is priced at 597.00  Click Here to Order!

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