Content writing for the fringe visitors

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July 23, 2014
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July 25, 2014

Some of the sites I visit are a little targeted and it is costing the site owner some credibility which. almost always, translates into lost revenue. The content is too high brow, over the heads of many, too low brow, somewhat talking down to their visitor or even just a bunch of malarkey and horse manure. That is fine if you want to target a certain demographic hard but not so good if you want to appeal to the masses and make a sizeable revenue from the fringe visitors.

There is a fair amount of money to be had with the proper monetization from the fringe visitor in the right industry and you want to make a decent return on the people that are traveling through your site so you should be considering them as you work on building your content. Taking a step back and look at the content you are putting out objectively as possible and see who would respond to it and how they would respond. Listen, you are putting a fair amount of effort into generating content, choosing methods to monetize, building backlinks and making sure your on site SEO is strong, is it not just plain common sense to also consider the reaction to your content?

If you have a site about rabbits and want to appeal to all people, you are not going into the latin/scientific name (Lepus curpaeums), how that name came to be and how it got translated into English or whatever language your site is in, for rabbits as that would probably have them bouncing off your site quickly.

You would probably talk about the care of rabbits, how cute they are, the colors they come in, breeding habits and a whole host of other things that would be interesting or somewhat interesting to almost anyone (that includes the fringe visitor) that happened to come across a site about rabbits.

The topics you want to cover are ones that could appeal to anyone at all and not just to the science or language crowd. You want to consider what would appeal to as many people as possible to keep them on your site as long as possible so that you have opportunity to develop some credibility with the intent to generate revenue from them. No credibility usually means little earnings and you sure should be earning from all your hard work when you are building web sites with the intent of a revenue stream.

Does this thought process work with all niches?

Not even close, Cousin. I have a site that talks about Angel Investing, Stock Valuation, Venture Capital and other things that your average person would have a little less than zero interest in and this concept of being sure to include the fringe visitor in my content would be a fail. In that kind of situation, I would not consider what would appeal to the fringe visitor as part of my overall content creation model. I am much more direct and I target a certain demographic… it happens that it is a site where the revenue from that small demographic is pretty strong and one that would dismiss my site if I had fringe content on it I would lose them.

On the other hand I have a site about employment and I appeal to the masses there and write about all manner of jobs and employment-related things and I am careful to include content that would appeal to almost anyone. A person looking for an executive position could go to the site and feel comfortable as well as a person looking for an entry level job. It takes in all demographics and makes sure that the fringe visitor is comfortable there as well.

So build your site with a little broader mindset and consider your site a living room of sorts that you want to make as comfortable as possible for those that might stop on by for a cup of coffee and expand the content to include a more diverse crowd… odds are that you will get more traffic, lower our bounce rate and increase your revenue.