Is content really King?

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November 18, 2015
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September 30, 2016


W e all know that for as long as people have been building websites there has been the saying “Content is King“, and it is. But content for the sake of content is just a waste of time and energy as well as words as if the content is doing nothing for your site then you may as well go out in the backyard and play badminton.

Just like anything content has to have a purpose, a direction and a vision.

The vision, for most website owners, is to have a quality website that is appreciated by those that visit it. The purpose, is typical, to generate revenue so you are not just being altruistic in your website management. And the direction of your content should be leading your visitors to that which you are using to monetize your sites.

Too often people spend lots of time just writing content to make Google happy. Of course, that’s important that your on-site SEO has content that reflects what you’re trying to rank for in the search engines.Anyone is built a website understands that very basic principle and is one you’ll probably have to appear to for as long as there are algorithms that take into account any on-site SEO.

Content will always be an aspect of your on-site SEO and for the most part were all fine with that. What many website owners fail to grasp is that the content needs to be more than just Google friendly, it needs to give the visitor a reason to trust you in order that you can presell your monetization method. With that in mind, I still take into account the old saying that content is king but I prefer to say content with purpose is King.

I have an awful lot of websites that are full of content and for the most part that content is informational. When I say informational it does not lead the reader to choose to pick one of my methods of monetization but rather it gives them cause to believe that what I am saying on my websites is something that they should trust. Their trust is what leads them to click an advertisement on my website that is promoting a product or service. Many times I do not have a large “Click Here!” button, or a “Buy Now!” image as what they are going to my site for is information as opposed to purchasing something. My sales pitch to them is the information and is more of a subliminal sales pitch than a direct interface “I want your money” pitch. With that type of site, I am still able to generate revenue from the visitors as my monetization methods correlate with the information being shared.

I am able to generate that revenue by means of trust as opposed to by means of a sales pitch.

, On the other hand, I have some sites where I’m actually selling a product or service. On those sites, I do offer information, as that is part of any sales pitch, but my emphasis is on directing the person to buy my product or service. In that case, my Content is King direction is more towards pushing them to purchase. I’m quite upfront with what my intentions are on those sites and the visitor understands when they go to those sites that they will be met with a direct sales pitch.

The question I get periodically from people is, “which way is the right way to go?”. And my answer is typically what is your vision? If your vision is to provide an informational site and generate revenue because you are sharing quality unique information on a product or service that you want to go with the first type of site. On the other side of the coin if you are trying to generate sales and people are using buying keywords to find you in the search engines, then, by all means, pitch them when they come to your site.

Ultimately what you want to do is make money from your visitor and, since that is your goal, what you need to do is fashion your content to the type of visitor you expect to come to your site. If you do not fashion your content to the thought process of the visitor that is coming to your site that content isn’t even close to King; it is more like court jester.

So the next time you’re thinking of adding content, buying content, or repurposing content be sure that you going in the right direction so that you can get the most out of your content dollar.