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September 9, 2014
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October 9, 2014
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I nsert your content hereChoosing a writer for your website content or for some of your offsite content is a conversation that many Internet marketers have on a regular basis. With content being king on a site and people holding their sites close to their heart it’s not surprising that this is a topic that comes up on a regular basis.

For high end content writing that has to be spot on top of the line I used two different sources. The first source I use is myself. I can generally put together a quality article, that is search engine friendly and fairly well written. I am not the world’s best content writer for a website by any means but I have written hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even over 1 million words, for my websites and they all rank fairly well and are all content sites. I know exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to the type of content, the keyword density and also the way the keywords are used. The problem is I just plain don’t have time to do all my own writing for all my projects. With that in mind I like to use a service known as Article Magic; they have University professors on their staff that write exceptional content and they know 90% of my theory as to keyword density and how I like the content presented for my websites as well as for the websites of my clients.

They are not cheap but I’m fine with that as I’m getting about as good an article as I can find from anywhere on line.

To be honest there is not just one place where you can find all you need in terms of writers if you’re doing more than one project. Your on-site content writer is going to be a different person then someone who writes content for your offsite blogs and an entirely different person as well for any content you write for a private blog network you may own. There’s just no way to put all writers into one box and say okay and just reach in and grab any guy and put them to work. That’s fine if you’re looking for someone to mow your lawn (well not MY lawn) but it sure won’t work when you’re looking for a content writer for your website or for any ancillary projects or sites over which you have control.

Here are a few things I do to make sure that I get back what I want from a content writer for my website when I am ordering articles. I tried to follow below formula fairly closely as it saves me a little bit of work, and sometimes a lot of work, when it comes to editing for publication:

  • Provide a title.
  • Provide keywords
  • Ask for certain KW density.
  • Give a brief idea to the writer as to my purpose.
  • Tell the writer the URL that I am targeting.

Do that and you usually have your bases covered as to what you expect and it gives you a better shot at getting what you want in return. I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the article you get back if you follow the formula using a writer for your website content and you’ll not only save time in editing but the articles that you get back will rank better, based on the content, and make you more money, which is what we build websites for anyway.