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July 16, 2014
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July 23, 2014
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I nsert your content hereI get that question fairly regularly… what is the best way to make money online? It is a legitimate question for sure but leaves so much out there it can make a body cringe.

For me, the best way to make money online is to build authority sites, rank them using common sense SEO, monetize them and then maintain them. It is a business model that has served me well over the years and does not crumble when the various Pandas, Penguins, etc of the algorithm changes start popping up here and there. For me that is the best way to make money online as my thinking process is one that is build something that will be a long term revenue stream and not worry about obtaining new clients on a regular basis as the search engines will do the heavy lifting for me.

It is unlike that of a salesman that waits on people to walk though the door so he can close the sale. That guy gets a big commission because the repeat business is just not a part of the way that kind of business operates. I get a smaller “commission” in my authority sites business model because Google will be sending me traffic day after day and, in all reality, Google is my actual client, as I build to satisfy the whims and desires of that algorithm.

But that is what

works for me to make a living online… that is not everyone’s mind set

So are the other ideas to make money online not valid? Of course they are and I am sure, 100% positive, actually know people, that make much more than I do and do nothing at all like I do. Are their methods to make money online in the internet marketing industry better than mine? For them they are, for me they are not.

A strategy to make money online has to line up with your mind’s eye just like a golfer views a particular golf hole. If the hole sets up to match his swing he walks up to the tee with more confidence and typically plays the hole better. He knows that his natural swing and ball path will give him a shot at a good score on that hole and the same could be said for online marketing. If one sees a method that fits his or her thinking pattern and they follow up and through the process they have a good shot at a return on their time and money investment on that method and it makes it easier for one to follow through on the method as well.

The myriad of methods out there can be overwhelming and can actually stop a person from acting so when one strikes your fancy it is time to do some testing and see how you can implement that in a way that has a certain comfort zone for yourself. If is you that has to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and take care of your family and other expenses and although you can take ideas from others that are successful in the industry, they all pale in comparison to what fits your skill set, mind set and thought process in the internet marketing industry.

So when you are planning on and searching for the best way to make money online, realize that what you are really looking for is the best way to make money online for you as that is the golden ticket and not what works best for anyone else.