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August 1, 2014
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August 17, 2014

What is the best theme to use when building an Authority Site?

I f you had the exact and perfect answer to that question you would probably be able to sell that information a million times over and fill your bank account up to the max! In my opinion there are a whole bunch of wordpress themes that work real well for an authority site but I am not one that thinks a theme or look makes a site a winner or a loser.

The purpose of a website for most people, and surely the vision of the owner of an authority site is to be able to build a site that offers quality content (a good visitor experience) and makes the owner of the site a decent return on their investment. It is a pretty simple concept in it’s most base form but takes a fair amount of thought process to make it a viable and effective event. There are really 2 ends of the spectrum in building an authority site and they could not be farther apart from one another.

So what factors should a person look for in a theme when they are building an authority site?

First and foremost the site needs to be able to be crawled easily by the bots that Google and the other search engines send your way. Without those little guys crawling your site recording all kinds of information about your content, tags, categories, layout and what not. Those guys need to be catered to as those are the ones that tell Google that your site has merit and should be considered for good rankings when someone types in your keywords. Remember we have to satisfy Google before we can offer a positive surfing experience to the masses in order to rank our sites.


Secondly we want content that is going to keep the visitor engaged for a little bit so our bounce rate remains reasonable and so that we build some trust with the visitor. The more trust they have with you the more they will trust the advertiser who pays you and that is what we are aiming for when we build an authority site. The theme comes into play a little here as you want the visitor to not be turned off by what you are using at the very least, and have a feeling that is positive as a goal.

Ok, now that we got the Common Sense On Site SEO out of the way, let’s actually talk about the theme that you want to use for your site.

What I like to see in a word press theme when I build an authority site is something that is rather clean and does not have a lot of bells and whistles. In my opinion the bells and whistles, things such as sliders and dynamic images take away from the two things that are the most valuable on the site; content and advertising.

The fact of the matter is, although I am a businessman and want to make money when I build a website, is that I also want to provide an experience that the visitor will want to revisit in the future as well as share with others. Granted, the sharing with others is not usually very prolific, but it does happen and it does aid in the growth of my website reach. Of course the advertising is what typically motivates a website owner and without the advertising is pretty tough to make a buck. And to be honest, I build an authority site to make money from it.

Therefore I choose a theme that is a little plain what I’m building an authority site. The sites themselves are not hideous but they are not going to win any prizes for artistic value either. I like to choose colors that are not “in your face” as well. Neutral colors, tans, blues, greens are my favorite choices as they do not usually make a person think about the color. Using reds, yellows, anything bright can be a problem and take away from what you are trying to accomplish. My authority sites are not flashy but they are effective, look professional, rank and make money.

There is not much more I want in an authority site when I build it for a revenue stream… ranking, traffic and conversions and I sure do not want the theme to get in the way of my efforts.