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September 9, 2014
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September 30, 2014


OK, I have divested myself of a handful of my sites, have a little time and would like to build a new web site of value that will eventually become an authority site using a dropped domain from my friend, Darko, that has some strong backlinks in place, some of the services I own, a mini private blog network that I will build and some off site manual SEO that fits the bill for this particular site once I get it going as that is ALWAYS part of what I do when ranking a site. That is part of my overall approach to common sense SEO; never do the same thing over and over to rank all your sites.

On the flip side there have been those who have not only lost money but also lost homes and families. There are also those who have tried and failed miserably, over and over again, to make even a minimal amount of money. In fact, the numbers who have tried and failed are significantly higher than those who have achieved success.

I expect to have about 1500 articles on the site and would expect to generate first page rankings for 3,500 – 4,000 keywords and perhaps 100,000 unique visits a month after I finally get it to a point where I am comfortable.

As to income, I never look at that in the initial stages of a site as that is secondary in my mind. Sort of the “If you build it they will come” philosophy only I replace “they will come” with “they will make me money”. In fact, I have no idea how I will even monetize the site as that is something that I do not look at right off because I know that anything can be monetized in one way or other and unless I have a solid site/base, I’m wasting time looking at monetization methods.

There are opportunities in the industry where branding and other long-term aspects of any business are not required. There are what the industry calls “churn and burn” methods to generate revenue. Those are fine in many instances and one can make several hundred thousand dollars with one of those types of methods. But they are typically not sustainable and they typically don’t make several hundred thousand dollars.

Churn and burn is fine for some but one will always be prospecting for a new method as the C&B process is guaranteed and at some point. And there is nothing wrong with that you choose to go that way but you’ll always be chasing and you’ll make the periodic score but, again, more often than not it will be minimal dollars.

There are Internet marketing gurus out there who guarantee to take you to the promised land for anywhere from $7.00 – $5000.00. Surely for a minimal amount of money you cannot expect to get an education that will make you a millionaire. But people fall that snake oil day in and day out just as they fall for outlandish offers in the “real world”.

These gurus are backed by any number of positive reviews that make them appear to be the way to go in terms of learning how to make money online. They often market themselves by videos of them driving expensive automobiles and living in spectacular homes. And they usually do own those cars and live in those homes but the doing it on Joe Blow and Mary Bikini’s time.

The money they make is not so much from the methods they teach a rather from the fees they charge to the common man. You see they’re not gold prospectors, but rather their selling shovels to those that want to prospect. And the shovels they sell don’t always produce for the gold prospector but rather requires you to come back and buy the latest and greatest method that they have for sale.

That’s not to say that some of those gurus have made decent money with some of the methods because some have. But that is not necessarily the rule. Often times the methods have a shelf life and you may or may not catch the wave where the method being taught is going to make you money. But you not told that when you buy into one of these guru’s opportunities. When you are told is the sky will always be blue, the wind will always be at your back, and that the air temperature will always be 72°F.

Part deceit fueled by greed the guru aspect of the Internet marketing industry is something not talked about in most circles. Typically at an Internet marketing convention, the gurus are held in high regard and lauded and applauded for their success. The crowds ooh and ahh when they speak and hang on every word. Unfortunately, 90% of those that follow in the steps of the gurus and up like broke jokes.

So next time you read about somebody making millions using their computer and marketing, remember that for every one that makes it there are a hundred that do not as there is not always gold at the end of the rainbow..


So, first things first is to decide on a niche and generate keywords and although all my sites are in Finance and Business, I think I’ll deviate and do something a little bit different this time around.

I need to make a few disclaimers so I am fully transparent in this;

Darko is a friend of mine and the domains are not going to cost me a cent. He and I go back a few years and we work on a handful of projects together and neither one of us would take money from the other. If I tried to pay him he would consider it an insult and vise versa.

I own a few services that are used by website owners and resellers and much of that is automated. I’m going to use them as I know that they rank sites and rank them for the long term.

I’ll probably outsource some of the content although that will be down the road so it won’t be all me. I do edit any content that is done for me by a third party but I expect that about half of what goes up on the site is going to be outsourced.

I’ll be keeping track of the rankings, and making them public right here, and using a rank tracking service I own. Although I cannot manipulate the rankings in the service, I thought it right to be upfront with the fact that I own the service that is doing the ranking.

I’m not going to post screen shots of revenue; I think that is a little crass for starters and often just propaganda to make one look good. You can’t make me look good as I have a face made for radio so the latter makes no sense to me. If I am making money I’ll tell you, if not I’ll tell you that.

Ok, today, September 9th, 2014, is launch day and I’ll come up with a niche and some keywords using my method of generating keywords and will post tomorrow my “success” with that.