Linkpushing is a service that was started in July of 2010 and has gone through a metamorphosis as any SEO service or process should.  It is a tiered backlinking system that I discovered after the Linkwheel

Link Wheel Example

Link Wheel Example

idea went south and myself, as well as tens of thousands of others that were using that process, lost our rankings in Google and thus revenue streams.

We took out the interlocking backlinks so that there were no attached spokes and let each spoke stand on it’s own.  We built links to the links that were directed to the money site and and then we built links to them.  The idea was to push the original links just as if you were pushing a car and someone was behind you pushing you thus

Linkpushing - Common Sense SEO

Which Looks Easier?

making it easier for you to push the car.  It worked in the search engines just as it does in real life when you are pushing something.  The same principle of 2 working on the same project exerting double energy makes things easy in the real world works the same way in SEO.

Give your backlinks a little help and they will be stronger in the eyes of the search engines… what I call, Common Sense SEO.  That is how I discovered the linkpush process or what many now call the tiered backlinking process.

Over the years we went from this very simple idea below to a much more complex process as things in the algorithms changed and we had to change with them as well as boost the power of the service.  The methodology and principle

Original LinkPush Process

Original LinkPush Process

remained the same… empower your backlinks so they are not working on their own.  We automated things from the very beginning so that all one had to do was to enter in their keywords and targeted url and the system would build a network of backlinks with the power of the linkpushing infrastructure.

Original LinkPush Process

Over time we took the original base concept and, with a fair amount of testing, morphed it into what it is today.  The process is “white hat SEO“, if there is such a thing, and works very well as part of a whole backlinking infrastructure process.  We do not, nor have we ever, believe this is all one should do to rank a site in the search engines but do know it works well as a base backlinking process and in conjunction with a variety of other methods can be an integral part of a web site owner’s SEO.

It is not common sense seo to use just one method to rank a site and we are commons sense guys who look at the various pieces of the Google algorithm and see what can be used to make a site strong in the search engines for a sustainable period of time.  Linkpushing does indeed offer solutions to some of the algorithm ranking barriers that can cause issues to rank and will continue to do so for years to come I am sure.

Here is what our original idea has morphed into:

A significant difference from our original idea and one that is very effective post Panda, Penguin and even works well with the Pigeon updates that have affected many of the local SEO services.  For more information on the actual service and to give it a run, you should head over to and get a much more comprehensive look and feel for the service.