Not all word press sites allow you to add a favicon to them easily so you have to use the editor and edit the header.php.  That can be a little daunting for a person that does not do any coding or does very little html but it ought not to be as it is a piece of cake.

Simply enough you go to your dashboard, click appearance, then click editor and finally click on header.php on the right hand side.

Then find <head> and enter the following in just after <head>

<link rel=”icon” href=” Named Image” type=”image/x-icon” />

Click “Update File” on the bottom and you’re golden!

I like to name the favicon image a keyword and I like to make sure it is plenty bright and reflects my site and what my site has to offer as well.   It makes a site look more professional and gives a little more trust to your visitor as well so for the 38 seconds it takes to do it is well worth it!

Below is an image of the process and directly below that is a video on YouTube on how to add a favicon to your wordpress site.

How to add a favicon to a word press site

Add a Favicon to Your Word Press Site