Common sense SEO is something that very few website owners practice because they are so busy reading all the latest and greatest different methods to get ranked in the search engines.

Although the latest and greatest methods are usually pretty slick it is important that you do not deviate too much from the path of common sense when operating in the realm of SEO because the algorithms are basically mathematical formulas and mathematical formulas are intrinsically common sense.

So does that mean you need to be a mathematical genius in order to rank in the search engines? Of course not; I do very well and if I want to count past 10 I need to take my shoes off and use my toes and my sites rank very well. What it does mean though is you need to be very objective in your thought process and be aware that Google and the other search engines are doing the same. Well, some of us think that Google is objective anyway.

So for example

Common Sense SEO

Common Sense SEO

let’s take a look at ranking for the keyword phrase “make money online”. That’s a huge keyword phrase in the industry and probably use more as an example then to actually rank something by those of us that are involved in the SEO world as professionals. If we were to go after that particular keyword phrase we would have a variety of different kinds of back links going to the site using a variety of different LSI keyword phrases and do it over a period of time varying the amount of links created on a regular basis as well as varying the amount of links being crawled and indexed on a regular basis.

That was one long sentence so let me break it down a little bit.

Once your on-site SEO is complete and you have everything as it should be then you would be considering your offsite SEO. With that in mind you would take a pen and paper and write down as many keyword phrases or keywords that you can think of that relate to your targeted keyword. From there you would go ahead and use my keyword research process or your very own favorite process to come up with additional ancillary and related keywords.

Not only would use those keywords on your site in various places that were natural but you would also use them in your back linking process as anchor text as well. You would use those keywords on platforms such as Web 2.0 sites, article directories, forums, blog comments, video links, forum posts and forum profiles and every other back linking source that you would use. I could mention them all but you might shoot my website and we just can’t have that.

That is common sense SEO because what you’re doing is not targeting the main keyword or keyword phrase directly as much as you are targeting related keywords that are on the same topic. Do not completely ignore your targeted keyword, of course, because that makes no sense either. You would make sure though that your back linking profile, which you can find using a service such as SEMrush, would not be weighted disproportionately with just your main targeted keyword.

One thing that I think about in my mind when I think about building an anchor text back link infrastructure to make sure that I live a balanced life in that corner of my world. That may sound a little strange quite frankly it works like $1 million.

So when you’re building your anchor texts the a your offsite SEO be sure to use common sense SEO because long-term that is going to help you with a sustainable income online.