The SEO and Internet Marketing World

There is absolutely no way to cover each and every process, tactic, idea, method, tool or revenue producing opportunity that is available online and I am not going to try and do that.  What  I am going to do is to share my experiences, knowledge and revenue processes as well as those from other people that are in the industry and work full time in the industry.

That will cover a whole nation of information and should give you some ideas as to ways you can make a sustainable income in the internet marketing industry and hopefully put money in your pocket and help you take care of your families and a few bills.  If you work hard enough at it and put into practice much of what is shared here you very well could be earning a 6 figure income and only working a few hours a day.  On the other hand, you may end up working a bunch of hours and building a nice online income empire… either way my goal is to share what I can so that you have options that you never had before and do it in such a way that you will understand what you need to do with nothing left out.

Aside from my knowledge on how to make a sustainable living online, I will tap into the network of friends and associates that I have and be able to give you their knowledge as well so that you have an opportunity to make a well rounded income with a variety of revenue streams.

My vision is to expand the internet marketing industry in a clean and ethical way and to build on the positive reputation that is in the industry as well as dispel the negative thoughts and persona that is associated with some of the shady side of internet marketing and the SEO industry.

Hopefully you’ll be able to distinguish what is worth investing your time and money in as to the internet marketing world, be able to choose the best fit for you and see why you respond positively to the opportunities that give you reason to listen to why the service or idea is saying yPickMe.

My approach to SEO is not mystical or based on exotic mathematical calculations.  SEO is an industry and for me a business and I approach it as such and thus I operate in a realm I call Common Sense SEO.  If it makes sense it is worth investigating and generally worth testing to see if it also can be used in the ranking process.  If it does not make sense odds are that I am going to let it slide and ignore the idea as well as the process.